4 Ways CompuDance Software Can Grow your Revenue

CompuDance has helped studio owners all over the country collect payments and create additional sources of revenue. Learn more about how our software can grow your business.

  Jan 26, 2018   admin

CompuDance has helped studio owners all over the country collect payments and create additional sources of revenue. Get CompuDance set-up today, so you can enjoy the slopes, the beach, or much needed downtime:

Automating online registration

The goal when automating online payments is to make studio owners lives easier and make the registration process for your clients as easy as possible. You can collect payments 24/7 and not just when you’re at your desk. You don’t have to wait for the mail to deliver envelopes full of checks, or in some cases wait for someone to stop by with their payment. Families love the convenience of CompuDance Software monthly automatic tuition. When the payment is part of the application process itself your families understand that you value their time, CompuDance works for YOU so you can work on your business and focus ​on increasing meaningful connections with your clients!

CompuDance Software B -day Parties

Birthday parties are great for making some extra cash during the summer months. Increase revenue during the summer months by offering several party packages ranging from a low-cost space rental to an all-inclusive birthday parties. In May & June, print out all your summer B-days that happen in July & August, and start sending emails through CompuDance to help discover other exciting ideas for a fun summer dance bash at your school. CompuDance does the work for you by ​simplifying the email process, ​alerting families to host Birthday Parties at your Studio.

Summer Classes & Camps: Promote with Online Registration

Many of our studio owners leverage CompuDance’s online registration tool for camps and classes during the summer​. ​
​J​ust one example is: Dance Evolutions​ developed a “Frozen” themed dance camp at both of their locations. They now have a total of 21 weekly “Frozen” camps with over 195​ dancers participating! It’s a joy waking up in the morning and seeing ​4​3​ families registered online, all while the studio owner slept and spent time with their own family.

CompuDance Shopping Cart / Ecommerce

Online stores are one of the best and easiest additional revenue streams for studio owners. It allows not only your current families, but any family to purchase gift cards, dance wear, etc. CompuDance’s email system will help you email your families during the holidays, to remind them that grandma and grandpa, that live close or far, can purchase gift cards online, to support their grandchildren’s love of dance.
Studio owners have also leveraged special promo’s via newsletters, customer reviews and testimonials. 66% of smartphone users have purchased online using a mobile device in the last 6 month​s! ​Let CompuDance make sure they purchase from your site.