Nov 13, 2018   maureens

 5 Ways in 5 Days Challenge


There are very simple ways to express your gratitude for those you love, those you work with, or even strangers you come into contact with each day.  Expressing gratitude will not only bring joy to the receiver – but it will fill you with an abundance of joy.   We have started a challenge here at CompuDance to find new ways to express gratitude for each other and we are bringing that challenge to you! Read on for 5 ways to show someone you are grateful for them.  Keep your eyes and hearts open and new ways to express gratitude will be shown to you every day.


  1. Just say Thank you! You are doing a great job or I appreciate you! A little praise can go a long way and many times all someone needs to hear is that you appreciate him or her. This goes for your staff, co-workers, clients, students, spouse, children, parents, etc.  Your grateful energy will flow through you and spread to all those around you.  Make a point to thank 5 people every day for 5 days and you will notice a difference in how your relationships flourish.


  1. Pay it Forward – Buy a cup of coffee for the person in line behind you, pay a toll for the car behind you, leave a note for your child or spouse for them to find during the day, bring bagels or fruit in for your co-workers, call your mom or dad, let someone go ahead of you in traffic.  The possibilities are endless and if you open your eyes and heart you will see so many opportunities in front of you. Find 5 things to do each day next week to pay it forward.


3. Mail thank you cards. In the digital age we have found all the shortcuts to expressing thanks for gifts or generosity. It’s easy to send an email, send a    text or even a blanket thank you to all your “friends” on Facebook.  In some cases, those efforts are fine.  But if you take the time to write a thank you, put a stamp on it and mail it, the person on the receiving end will appreciate your efforts even more. You will be letting them know they are worth the extra 15 minutes it took you to mail them a card.  To be prepared you should keep a box of thank you cards at home or in the office for such occasions. Mail 5 thank you cards this week!


  1. Keep a few extra dollars with you to tip the person who makes your coffee, tip the counter help where you buy your lunch, give an extra generous tip to your server at your next lunch or dinner, maybe even extra allowance for your child, or a few extra dollars to your niece or nephew; Really anyone that could use the extra help. The point is, when you give freely you will feel a sense of abundance overcome you. Even if you are struggling yourself, just take 5 dollars this week and give it to someone who needs it more.  It will not only help them, but will help you see that as difficult as times may seem, there is always someone worse off than you.


5. Find a charity to support. There are many ways to help organizations that help others, either financially or by volunteering. If you are a business owner, encourage your staff to take a day each quarter to volunteer for something that has meaning to them. Some businesses even make volunteering a team project.  You could also raise money, donate to a food drive, or adopt a family for the holidays. Getting involved in an effort to help others will not only bring you fulfillment, it will bring so much happiness to those you help. 


So GIVE, everywhere you go, even if only a smile or a compliment.  Your 5 Day challenge starts NOW.  Take these ideas or come up with your own version! We would love to hear your feedback on ways you are practicing gratitude and how it has changed your life.